Guys! Here’s your body grooming guide that you’ve been waiting for

Marco Asensio got injured while shaving his legs before a match and social media couldn’t help but mock him.

Marco Asensio, the young Spanish footballer, who plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid, is a rising football star. Recently, he has been making headlines for his stunning match day performances in Spanish La Liga (Spanish Football League). However, few days back he was making headlines. But this time it was for non-footballing reasons. Asensio missed a match because of a pimple on his leg. The pimple was so bad that it prevented him from pulling up his socks. If you think this is bizarre then wait till you hear why the pimple occurred in the first place. Well, he did something that women do on a regular basis without getting injured. And that is, he was shaving his legs before the match.

It’s pretty common for men to shave their legs these days. However, they have a long way to go before they learn how to do it the right way. We got in touch with experts Dr. Rohit Batra, dermatologist and Dr. Neha Mittal, cosmetic physician, who put together a much needed body grooming guide for guys.

1) Avoid razors

Use an electric trimmer. Razor can cause cuts and rashes. Also, you need a warm shower to prepare yourself before using a razor. Trimmers reduce the risk of an infection and don’t form clogs, which are formed by using a razor. After using a trimmer, use an anti-bacterial lotion.

2) What to do if you still want to use a razor

A man’s skin is less hydrated and rougher than a woman’s skin. Hydrate your skin well before using a razor. Go slow as shaving in a rush can cause nicks, which in turn can cause ingrown hair.

3) Use a body trimmer not a beard trimmer

Don’t make the mistake of using a beard trimmer for body grooming. Beard trimmers are specifically designed for facial hair, not body hair. They are not effective in body trimming and can cause rashes.

4) When to wax and how to

If your hair growth is dense or your body hair has become thicker due to excessive shaving or trimming, then go for waxing. It helps in pulling out stubborn and thick hair follicles. But waxing needs to be done with caution. Exfoliate your skin at least two days before you wax. It helps the wax grab the hair but not the skin. However, it leaves skin more sensitive to pain. So, go for gentle exfoliation. Avoid moisturising before waxing as dry skin responds better to waxing.

5) Try sugaring

The method of using a mixture of lemon juice, water, sugar and honey for hair removal is called sugaring. Sugaring is advisable for men who have sensitive skin. Before sugaring, use talcum powder to remove excessive moisture and make the skin dry. When the skin hair is moisturised, it easily comes out of the root.

6) Hair removal cream

Buy a hair removal cream depending on your skin type. Apply for 8-10 minutes, no more than that. But remember, it doesn’t suit every skin type and excessive use of it, is harmful.




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