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Strike a balance with calorie-restricted diet

According to a recent study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, those following a calorie-restricted diet not only burned fat but also underwent reduced cell damage — a crucial part of minimising the ageing process. The study has also reignited interest in the term ‘calorie-restricted’ with many wanting to know how it can be adapted for health benefits. Researchers define caloric restriction (CR) as reducing food intake while avoiding malnutrition. This usually means consuming 30-40% fewer calories than the standard daily requirement. That’s the equivalent of limiting daily intake to…

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Maintaining balance: Blood sodium levels may affect cognition in older adults

Scientists have found that lower levels of sodium in the blood – known as hyponatremia – is linked with a decline in cognitive function with advancing age. Hyponatremia occurs when the sodium level in the blood falls below 135 Millimoles Per Litre (mmol/L), according to a study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Mild hyponatremia was once thought to be asymptomatic, but recent studies suggest that it may be associated with higher risks of attention deficits, gait disturbances, falls, cardiovascular events, and even premature death….

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