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9 things about a woman’s body we bet men didn’t know

1/9Facts about a female’s body she may be too shy to admit 0 Sex education is a sad affair in our country. Body-positivity only sounds like a classy word that comes from revolutionaries-of-sorts from far off lands. But, guess what? We all have bodies and we all have issues with them. Knowing about what is normal and what isn’t is nothing but mandatory. So, in a bid to destigmatize knowledge about your body and its sexuality, here’s looking into facts about a female’s body she may be too shy to…

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DU course profile: BA programme is a good bet to help prepare for IAS exams

Contemporary age is marked by multidisciplinarily for gaining knowledge in the universities across the globe. Liberal arts and humanities focusing on the interdependence of societal problems are gaining ascendency over classical normative and specialised courses. BA program in Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) that the University of Delhi offers is most meticulously designed curriculum that encourages students to study a combination of subjects of their own choice. It offers, therefore, a vast array of diversified disciplines aimed at holistic cognitive development. The scheme for the restructured BA program course enables…

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