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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos touts school choice, innovation in SLC while protesters gather

SLC summit ยป As protesters rally outside, DeVos says all key decisions should be made by states, not by the feds. Schools in the United States need to break free of the federal government’s “arcane” approach to education, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said Tuesday during a visit to Utah. Education needs new models, she said, like how video rentals gave way to streaming media. And families deserve a range of school options, like choosing between cellular service providers. “Washington [D.C.] has been in the driver seat for over…

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Food proximity can influence choice

A new review has suggested that marketers’ tactics to place things where we are more likely to pick them up could help motivate people to improve their diets. The review showed that manipulation of food product order or proximity can influence food choice and that healthy food nudging seems promising. Eighteen studies were included in the review. Sixteen of the studies showed nudging made a positive impact. “The review confirmed our expectation that there are very few scientific works available which deal with nudging healthier food choices by changes in…

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