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Having trouble remembering things correctly? Start sleeping on time

A team of researchers has shed new light on sleep’s vital role in boosting our memory. Sleep, they show, helps us to use our memory in the most flexible and adaptable manner possible by strengthening new and old versions of the same memory to similar extents. Previous research suggested that sleep-deprivation is similar to being drunk, and leads to memory lapses, while stimulating the brain during sleep strengthens memory. The University of York researchers also demonstrated that when a memory is retrieved — when we remember something — it is updated with…

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How to Breath Correctly During Yoga: A Step-by-Step Guide

  Right at the center of human existence lies breathing. We wouldn’t exist if we didn’t breathe. One of the most common and basic processes of the human body, the act of breathing, remains wrapped under ignorance. In this feature, we attempt to get to the core of yogic practice – the significance of breathing and how to master it. Breathing influences the activities of each and every cell in the body and is linked to the performance of the brain. It is said that humans breathe about 15 times…

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