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Having trouble remembering things correctly? Start sleeping on time

A team of researchers has shed new light on sleep’s vital role in boosting our memory. Sleep, they show, helps us to use our memory in the most flexible and adaptable manner possible by strengthening new and old versions of the same memory to similar extents. Previous research suggested that sleep-deprivation is similar to being drunk, and leads to memory lapses, while stimulating the brain during sleep strengthens memory. The University of York researchers also demonstrated that when a memory is retrieved — when we remember something — it is updated with…

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Yoga or Regular Exercise May Not Treat Sleep Trouble in Menopausal Women

Yoga and fitness were the buzzwords in 2016. Everyone was talking about it and everyone was trying their hand at it. From unique workouts to ancient yoga asanas, they’ve become quite the rage and for good reason. But it turns out that yoga or regular exercise may not be helpful for everyone and everything. A new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, shows that yoga or exercise may not help in treating hot flashes or improve sleep quality in middle-aged women. Previous studies have shown that both yoga and…

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Freedom 251 Smartphone Maker in Trouble, FIR Registered

Noida Police has registered a case of cheating against the owner of Ringing Bells who had offered to sell the world’s cheapest smartphone following a complaint filed by BJP leader Kirit Somaiya. The police registered the case under Section 420 (cheating) of IPC and the IT Act on Tuesday. The owner of Ringing Bells Mohit Goel and company president Ashok Chaddha have been named in the FIR, police said. Ringing Bells had recently offered with much fanfare a smartphone, named Freedom 251, at just Rs. 251 and claimed it to…

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