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Smoking damages your heart, leads to high blood pressure, infertility

While the popular belief is that smoking largely affects the lungs because they get directly exposed to inhaled smoke, health experts warn that it also impacts the entire cardiovascular system. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), smoking tobacco is globally the second leading cause of heart diseases after high blood pressure. Nearly 12 % of cardiovascular deaths worldwide occur due to tobacco abuse and secondhand smoking. In tobacco cigarette, there is combustion, a burning of an organic material that generates temperatures up to 900 degree Celsius. Chronic exposure to…

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hypertension Damages Kidneys and coronary heart: specialists

about 20 in keeping with cent of India’s youngsters be afflicted by high blood pressure which makes them forty percentage extra vulnerable to kidney harm and cardiac arrest, stated docs. there may be little understanding in the us of a of hypertension, additionally referred to as excessive blood stress, which commonly does no longer motive symptoms but steadily influences diverse frame elements, they said.”As many children do not get to know that they are hypertensive they continue with their sedentary lifestyle,” said Gireesh Manwani, Senior representative (inner remedy), Saroj first…

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Oracle Seeks $9.3 Billion in Damages From Google: Report

Global software and cloud major Oracle has sought $9.3 billion (roughly Rs. 61,873 crores) from search engine giant Google over software copyrights infringement, a media report said. Oracle claims that it should receive $475 million (roughly Rs. 3,160 crores) in damages in addition to $8.8 billion (roughly Rs. 58,546 crores) relating to “profits apportioned to infringed Java copyrights”, Fortune reported, quoting IDG News Service. Citing court documents, the report said the two companies have been at odds over whether Google improperly used so-called APIs (application programming interfaces) related to the…

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