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Prabhu Chaat Bhandar: A Fine Taste of a Chaat Legacy Going Back 82 Years

Delhi’s obsession with chaats does not call for a description, neither does a Delhiite’s staggering loyalty of sticking to their favourite joints and eateries for generations. This loyalty and love lends a joint its iconic status. One such eminent food joint which has shouldered the great ‘chaat-legacy’ of Delhi for over 82 years is Prabhu Chaat Bhandar. Started by Nathu Laal in the year 1935, Prabhu Chaat Bhandar is situated right opposite to the Union Public Service Commission building in New Delhi, as such it is often referred to as…

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Media reckons science now proves ‘carbs’ are fine again

“Eat more ‘good’ carbohydrates and less protein for a longer life,” reports the Mirror. It seems like only last week that the media was advising us to eat less carbohydrates. The reality is that neither today’s “pro-carbs” or recent “anti-carbs” news stories have changed government food advice. Today’s news refers to a short study of different diets on a relatively small number of mice – not people. It’s always a fairly safe bet that studies in mice have few implications for the British human public – and today’s news is…

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