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The wonders of chai: Tea drinkers are more creative and focused, says science

Turns out, nation’s much liked hot beverage chai has given its ardent lovers a new reason to indulge in their cravings. A new study has claimed that tea consumption improves focus and mental clarity which enhances mental creativity. Yet another reason to grab your cup and read. Presence of elements such as caffeine and theanine, which are known to improve attentiveness and alertness, is the main cause attributing to the new Perking University findings. According to the study, the flow of creative juices in one’s mind can be felt within…

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How to grow cannabis? With modern science and technology

Cannabis plant strains in jars in MediJean’s Health Canada-licensed tissue culture development lab are kept for research as manager Abdul Ahad works in the Richmond, B.C., facility, in this 2014 file photo. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck) In Canada and around the world, legal cannabis producers face many challenges: Varying government regulations, high security requirements and a lack of reliable information on how to grow their crops. Growing cannabis has been illegal for so many years that scientific research on how to best produce this crop is limited. Much of the knowledge on how…

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Media reckons science now proves ‘carbs’ are fine again

“Eat more ‘good’ carbohydrates and less protein for a longer life,” reports the Mirror. It seems like only last week that the media was advising us to eat less carbohydrates. The reality is that neither today’s “pro-carbs” or recent “anti-carbs” news stories have changed government food advice. Today’s news refers to a short study of different diets on a relatively small number of mice – not people. It’s always a fairly safe bet that studies in mice have few implications for the British human public – and today’s news is…

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