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The wonders of chai: Tea drinkers are more creative and focused, says science

Turns out, nation’s much liked hot beverage chai has given its ardent lovers a new reason to indulge in their cravings. A new study has claimed that tea consumption improves focus and mental clarity which enhances mental creativity. Yet another reason to grab your cup and read. Presence of elements such as caffeine and theanine, which are known to improve attentiveness and alertness, is the main cause attributing to the new Perking University findings. According to the study, the flow of creative juices in one’s mind can be felt within…

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6 Reasons to Swap Your Regular Chai With Herbal Hibiscus Tea

Tea is, undoubtedly, one of the most comforting beverages. Besides the regular black tea and green tea, a new class of herbal and caffeine free teas has emerged in the last few years. These herbal teas are actually infusions of herbs, plants, spices or flowers that add flavour and many health benefits to your cup of tea. Hibiscus tea is one such herbal tea which has been used in traditional medicine for many years as a remedy for high blood pressure and also for its potent antioxidant properties. Hibiscus tea is a…

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