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Business chiefs flock to build bridges with Saudi prince

Theresa May and Mohammad bin Salman hold a meeting with other members of the British government and Saudi ministers and delegates inside Number 10 on Wednesday © Reuters Any business aficionado wandering along Mayfair’s Curzon Street on Thursday afternoon would have been treated to a surreal sight: 15 of Britain’s top chairmen and chief executives trooping on to a coach. “It was like a school trip for the captains of industry,” joked one blue-chip director. The coach took nearly an hour to make the two-mile journey to the Saudi ambassador’s…

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Millennials Flock to High-Intensity Workouts – And Hip Pain Follows

Physical therapist Karena Wu couldn’t help notice a trend in patients visiting her New York City office this year. Many were under age 35, enjoyed strenuous workouts and were suffering immense hip pain.The millennials had pushed themselves in endurance races such as the Tough Mudder or weekly CrossFit and metabolic conditioning classes that placed wear and tear on their bodies, she said. And with little downtime between routines or adherence to proper form, they were putting the long-term health of their hips at risk. “A lot of millennials are doing…

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