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Millennials look to revamp old family businesses

When Bengaluru-based Chaitanya V. Cotha, the scion of the 150-year-old C. Krishniah Chetty (CKC) Group of Jewellers, joined his family business in 2010, he identified an important market that his family hadn’t given much thought to. “For my father, business to business (B2B) wing of the business was never a focus area,” says the 31-year-old. Owning it up, Cotha got on the road for 20 days a month, meeting potential small jewellers who could sell the CKC products. Within 18 months, the CKC Group started to supply their products to…

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5 top investment options for millennials in 2019

Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it, said Benjamin Graham, a British-born American investor who was known for his theories on investment. His quote has become a mantra for several Indian millennials who seek exciting investment opportunities in lieu of textbook options. Experts explain that the herd mentality’ in investment, where children follow the path shown by parents, has witnessed a sharp reduction. It indicates that young investors are now looking for diverse options rather than opting for traditional fixed deposit or tax-saving post office schemes. Most youngsters…

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Millennials Flock to High-Intensity Workouts – And Hip Pain Follows

Physical therapist Karena Wu couldn’t help notice a trend in patients visiting her New York City office this year. Many were under age 35, enjoyed strenuous workouts and were suffering immense hip pain.The millennials had pushed themselves in endurance races such as the Tough Mudder or weekly CrossFit and metabolic conditioning classes that placed wear and tear on their bodies, she said. And with little downtime between routines or adherence to proper form, they were putting the long-term health of their hips at risk. “A lot of millennials are doing…

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