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‘Haldi’ becomes super food in West too

There is some truth to grandma’s turmeric recipes even as the spice has become the latest super food cure in the West for cough to cancer. Every time a bout of sniffles and sore throat hit young Rahul, his mother would put him through a three-part homespun healing routine. First, persuade the child to gargle warm salt water to clean the throat, and follow it up with a steam inhalation to ease congestion. The final step was the easiest for mom and child. “I would happily drink the manjal paal…

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Turmeric latte’ is how the West is quaffing haldi doodh

the standard milk-and-haldi restorative Indian moms fix up for sniffling kids is now the hottest beverage from Sydney to San Francisco. The guardian reported on its cult following in hip cafes that call it ‘Golden Milk’ or turmeric latte, a concoction that improves at the unique Ayurvedic recipe by using changing dairy with coconut, almond or even cashew milk. state-of-the-art remark anybody’s in on it. Google’s new report on meals developments inside the US says searches for the spice increased by way of 56% from November 2015 to January 2016….

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