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Data Recovery Becomes Easy With EaseUS

Data is a set of collection of facts and figures that are processed in such a form that a computer can understand it and process it. Everybody in almost all the sectors of the industry is familiar with the term data. Data and information are changing the outlook of the world these days. Its helping in curing diseases as well as boosting a company’s profit margin, it’s everywhere and is used by all at personal and professional level. Personal data is something that is related to specifically a person. It…

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Thiruvananthapuram Becomes Country’s ‘Breast Cancer Capital’

Thiruvananthapuram has been termed as the country’s breast cancer capital, with cases at a record high of 40 per lakh of population. The revelation was made during the Kerala Chapter of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA) Conference here last week. It noted that 50 per cent of breast cancer is occurring in the age group of under 50 years. Nine lakh women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and it is the second most common malignancy next to cervical cancer. Speaking to IANS on Sunday, S.Pradeep, President of…

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‘Haldi’ becomes super food in West too

There is some truth to grandma’s turmeric recipes even as the spice has become the latest super food cure in the West for cough to cancer. Every time a bout of sniffles and sore throat hit young Rahul, his mother would put him through a three-part homespun healing routine. First, persuade the child to gargle warm salt water to clean the throat, and follow it up with a steam inhalation to ease congestion. The final step was the easiest for mom and child. “I would happily drink the manjal paal…

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