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All in the hands: Finger length may predict athletic ability

Your hands may predict how good you are at sports, say scientists who found that athletic prowess could be related to the length of your fingers. Researchers explored the difference in length between one’s index finger and ring finger, and a possible link to muscular strength. They found that the ratio of the length of the index finger and the length of the ring finger – called the ‘digit ratio’ – is favourably related to muscular strength in boys. The ring finger in males is typically longer than the index…

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How to Do Manicure At Home: Get Beautiful Hands & Perfect Nails

                      In this busy world where people don’t even have the time to look at themselves in the mirror, how will they take out time go to a salon for grooming up? It would be much easier if you could just do it at home. It’s no secret. Ladies (and men of course) love pretty hands – soft skin and well-polished nails. But that needs a lot of maintenance and frequent trips to your beautician. Professional manicures can be expensive…

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