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7 Natural Home Remedies for Heel Spurs to Relieve the Pain

A heel spur is a condition which causes calcium deposits that lead to a bony intrusion under the heel bone. It is often associated to the inflammation of the connective tissues between the foot and the heel bone and thus, leaving you in pain. It may also lead to swelling, irritation and weakening of the arch bone. While the treatment includes exercise, anti-inflammatory medicines and surgery in some cases to remove the calcium deposits, there are few natural solutions to help you deal with the pain. Causes of Heel Spurs…

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3 Exercises High Heel Lovers Should Do to Avoid Foot Pain

Photo: Getty Images Anyone who’s ever squeezed into a pair of sky-high shoes knows heels can be hell on your feet. But the problems may not stop there. Wearing heels regularly can also affect your leg muscles over time, says podiatrist Bobby Pourziaee, a Los Angeles-based foot and ankle surgeon and the founder of the Spa on Rodeo. When you’re walking on tiptoes, your calf muscles are shortened—“and they can stay that way if heels are the only shoes you wear,” he explains. But that doesn’t mean you need to…

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