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Fitness first: These Swedish companies have made exercising in the office mandatory

Workers spending their lunch break at the gym may be commonplace in most Western countries, but in Sweden some employers are pushing the idea even further, making on-the-job exercise compulsory. Every Friday, employees of fashion and sportswear retailer Bjorn Borg leave their desks at the company‚Äôs Stockholm headquarters to get their weekly workout at a nearby gym. There is no getting out of it: for more than two years the company founded by the Swedish tennis legend has made on-the-job exercise mandatory at the initiative of chief executive Henrik Bunge,…

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Now reporting dengue, malaria cases mandatory

For the first time, the Gujarat government has declared dengue and malaria as notifiable diseases. Now both public and private hospitals will have to report any case of dengue or malaria, and related deaths registered by them. The government said that the step taken on Wednesday was in accordance with the Union government’s advisory to eradicate vector-borne diseases. “As of now, only public hospitals maintained the data of dengue and malaria cases and deaths due to them,” said health minister Nitin Patel. “But with the state government declaring the vector-borne…

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