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Dark chocolate enriched with olive oil is good for your heart, study suggests

Chocolate is so often demonised as being bad for your teeth and waistline but the fact is that, in moderation, it can have some pretty surprising health benefits– especially when it comes to your heart. A new Italian study has found that a daily serving of dark chocolate enriched with extra virgin olive oil boosted participants’ cardiovascular health and lowered the risk of potentially fatal problems later in life. Couple this with previous studies suggesting that the sweet treat can also reduce stress and even prevent diabetes, and chocolate is well on its way…

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Extra virgin olive oil best for frying fish

Fish fried in extra virgin olive oil and prepared in microwave is the healthiest option, suggested a study. According to the study, published in the journal Food Research International, the frying techniques, the nature of the oil used and the fish species have shown to influence the changes that take place while frying fish. “The choice of cooking oil is hugely important owing to its impact on the lipid profile in the fish and on the possible generation of toxic compounds in the oil during frying, which can influence food…

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