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Don’t ignore oral hygiene. Severe gum disease linked to lung, colon cancers

Do you have bad oral health? Beware, you may be at high risk of developing cancers of lung, colon and pancreas, researchers have warned. Advanced gum disease, also called periodontitis, is caused by bacterial infection that damages the soft tissue and bone that supports the teeth. The findings, led by researchers from the Tufts University in the US, showed that participants who were edentulous or lacking teeth – a sign of severe periodontitis – had an 80% increase in risk of developing colon cancer. Periodontitis is also linked with pancreatic…

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Oral immunotherapy effective for peanut-allergic kids

Oral immunotherapy effective for peanut-allergic kids (Getty Images) Low-dose and high-dose of oral immunotherapy (OIT) is safe and equally effective at suppressing allergic immune responses to peanut in children, suggests a study. Peanut OIT involves eating small, gradually increasing amounts of peanut protein daily. Previous studies showed that peanut OIT in older children can offer some protection against potentially life-threatening anaphylaxis caused by peanut exposure. This study, conducted by Wesley Burks, researcher at the University of North Carolina in the US, assessed whether giving OIT to younger children whose duration…

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Video selfie while brushing can improve your oral health

Video selfie while brushing can improve your oral health (Getty Images) Recording video selfies while brushing your teeth can help you learn how to improve oral health care techniques, according to a new study. According to the study published in the journal Indian Journal of Dental Research, researchers saw an increase in the accuracy of brush strokes, in number of strokes and an overall eight per cent improvement in tooth-brushing skill while taking a selfie video. “Video and picture selfies are increasingly used in medical fields to assess, monitor and…

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