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Sipping On Your Favourite Beverages With Plastic Straws? You Must Stop!

We all love to sip on our favourite beverages using a plastic straw. Be it a smoothie or a soft drink, an energy drink or a cold coffee – using a straw is a super convenient and fuss-free way of enjoying any cold drink. Many like to enjoy their drinks this way because using a straw reduces the exposure to sugary and carbonated drinks in the mouth, preventing acid erosion of the teeth out enamel. While it may be convenient to drink beverages using plastic straws, it might not be an eco-friendly option. Moreover,…

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Sipping quite

try the print-friendly handout of this information. We commonly don’t think tons about what we drink, however what if we did? What if each sip became perfectly calibrated and calculated to maximize our health? would it not take complicated calculations and equations? would it not require that the whole thing we drink come with a protracted list of healthful substances and vitamin additives and mineral fortifications? If the solution turned into sure to any of those questions, we’d likely surrender before we started out. fortunately, rethinking your drink is straightforward:…

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