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Brown Rice Can Speed Up Weight Loss Just Like 30 Minutes of Brisk Walk

How to lose weight is a constant thought in most of our minds. What we wouldn’t do to lose those flabs within a matter of days! We resort to extreme diets and intense workout sessions in the hope that we get back in shape at the earliest. But it’s never as simple as that. It is always such a struggle to stay dedicated and focused on your efforts. While there are no shortcuts to weight loss, paying close attention to your diet can at least help you speed up the…

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After Years of Delay, Climate Talks Face a New Problem: Speed

Efforts to build a new global deal to tackle climate change were for many years criticised for moving at a glacial pace. But this week climate negotiators meeting in Morocco find themselves facing an entirely new problem: a deal that, astonishingly, has come into effect more than three years ahead of schedule. The Paris Agreement on climate change, designed to start in 2020, entered into force on Friday, a month after reaching key ratification thresholds. On Sunday, the United Nations said 100 parties – 99 countries and the European Union…

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