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Living near trees makes people less stressed by boosting their brain

Living near an abundance of trees makes adults less stressed, according to new research. People who build their homes in the lap of mother nature may have a healthier brain and may be at lower risk of developing stress-related depression and anxiety disorders than those living near the urban green or wasteland, the research says. The findings showed that city dwellers are at a higher risk of psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia than countryside dwellers. This is because life in a city is full of noise…

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5 Most Popular Fruit Bearing Trees and Their Benefits

It good to know about these wonderful resources that provide us with some of the most delicious fruits that we enjoy almost daily. Not only to these fruits add sweetness to our day, they also offer a host of health benefits with their healing qualities. Have a look. 1. Java Plum Tree or Jamun Tree The Java Plum is an evergreen tropical tree which typically originated in India and is also grown in other Southeast countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The tree is known to live for…

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Trees Benefit India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Most in Air Pollution Reduction

Cities in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan stand to benefit most from tree planting, in terms of both heat and particulate matter reduction, according to a study that identifies the potential return on investment (ROI) from tree planting in 245 global cities. The ‘Planting Healthy Air: Global Return on Investment Rankings’ study ranks all 245 cities for the potential per capita impact of planting trees, as defined by degrees of temperature reduction or the amount of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution that could be removed with a given investment. “Many cities…

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