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Trick Your Brain into Craving Healthy Food

You can teach your brain’s reward centers to crave healthier, lower-calorie foods over junk, research at Harvard and Tufts U. recently found. And it’s easier than you think. For six months, obese adults followed the scientifically designed “iDiet,” which prescribes healthy foods and helps eaters understand their “food instincts”—e.g., hunger, availability, familiarity—and learn to control them. At the end, MRIs showed that the reward center in the dieters’ brains “lit up” more intensely at photos of healthy food than at shots of the unhealthy crap that used to excite it. One of the biggest keys to retraining your…

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Google Maps for Android Can Navigate to Multiple Destinations With This Trick

Google Maps for Android previously allowed users to side-track during a trip to gas stations, restaurants, cafes, and shopping marts. The app however didn’t allow users to navigate to multiple destinations, something that Google Maps allows on desktop. Now, Android Police reports that it is possible to navigate to multiple destinations using the Maps for Android with a little help from the desktop. This indicates that the navigation to multiple destinations feature may be available to users soon. Users will have to copy the full URL of a multiple destination…

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FBI Trick for Breaking Into iPhone Likely to Leak, Limiting Its Use

The FBI’s method for breaking into a locked iPhone 5c is unlikely to stay secret for long, according to senior Apple Inc engineers and outside experts. Once it is exposed, Apple should be able to plug the encryption hole, comforting iPhone users worried that losing physical possession of their devices will leave them vulnerable to hackers. When Apple does fix the flaw, it is expected to announce it to customers and thereby extend the rare public battle over security holes, a debate that typically rages out of public view. The…

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