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Kirori Mal College’s popular candy seller: Shah Rukh Khan asked me to work in his serial

Tinguji has spent a lifetime selling candies at Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College (KMC). For four decades, neither heat nor rain or cold could deter this slight little old man from going about his business. “I used to sell pen nibs at a shop in Hans Raj College but that had to be shut due to the Emergency in 1975. I then thought I’ll carry with me whatever I have to sell, so that no one can dislocate me ever again,” says Amarnath Gupta aka Tinguji, who earns anything between…

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Naan Pizza: The Indian Twist to the Most Popular Snack

Are you in need for an instant snack that is both easy to make and mouth-watering to eat? Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you, Naan Pizza. Well, it’s just like regular pizza but only better. Naan is a long-ish, oven-baked flatbread which was first introduced in Central and South Asia. In India, it is a common bread which is often teamed with Chicken Butter Masala, Mutton Korma, Dal Makhani and the like. The crisp and mildly chewy texture is perhaps what makes it perfect to function as a…

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8 Incredible Mustard Oil Benefits That Make It So Popular

There are some ingredients that can never be replaced in the Indian kitchen. Not only are they essential in creating various regional delicacies, their uses are manifold and extend beyond the confines of the kitchen. One such example is mustard oil. While it does take some “getting used to” to familiarise yourself with the pungency, get past it and you will soon learn to appreciate its unique flavour. It is addictive.In Eastern and North Eastern India, it is hard to imagine life without a bottle of mustard oil at home….

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