Would you consider skipping the Colosseum and Vatican on a trip to Rome?

Ruins of the Baths of Caracalla.

You can hardly see the treasures of Rome’s top attractions these days amid the sweaty hordes and seas of selfie-sticks.

Overtourism is real, there and elsewhere in Europe. Yet look away and there is hope.

Give up your ambition to name-drop the top 10 attractions, and you can unlock the experiences of a lifetime at sites with equally astounding masterpieces that just don’t happen to be in every guidebook and listicle.

The central part of the ancient Roman Baths of Caracalla.

At the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme museum, you might wonder, “Where is everybody?” The art is as unbeatable there as at the Vatican.

Do you dare skip a visit to the Colosseum? Instead, try the Baths of Caracalla. The ruins of the baths, where 1,600 were served at once in Roman times, are awe-inspiring.





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