Enjoy healthy, home-made ice lollies this summer. Here’s how you can make them

Ice Lolly

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Beat the heat this summer with healthy, refreshing ice lollies. They taste best when made at home with love.

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Smriti Advani, a writer for UrbanClap, shares wonderful recipes you can try with your family on swelteringly hot days.

Berry ice lolly

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If you’re able to catch the tail end of the strawberry season, hang on to them for these super easy popsicle. Simply combine chopped strawberries with frozen berries like red currants, blueberries or blackberries with a dash of lemon juice and honey as per your desired sweetness. Freeze in an ice lolly mould and sit back to relish these berry-berry good treats!

Avocado cocoa lolly

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Skip the high fat cream and substitute it with the creamy goodness of avocado. Blend avocado with coconut milk and some cocoa powder and a few spoons of condensed milk. Leave to set in the freezer in an ice lolly mould. Once done, dip the frozen pops in a small bowl of melted chocolate and gulp them down as fast as you can.

Tamarind tease

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There’s nothing quite like an Indian summer without the tangy sweet taste of fresh tamarind. Which is why this ice lolly recipe brings back memories of summer holidays. Boil about a dozen fresh tamarind pods with some sugar and water for about 20 minutes. Once cooled, puree the tamarind mixture and strain through a sieve, extracting as much of the tamarind water as you can.

Mango almond ice lolly

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Mango pulp, almond milk and a wee bit of honey or stevia is all you need for these summery delights. Blend together but make sure you keep a few chunks of mango whole to add a nice texture to the ice lollies once frozen.

Peanut butter jelly ice lolly

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Who doesn’t love a great PBJ sandwich? Now what if you could have it in the form of an ice lolly? Combine half a cup of peanut butter with some vanilla extract, a cup of yogurt and some maple syrup or honey (to taste). Create a layered effect by filling the ice lolly mould partially with the peanut butter mixture and freezing for an hour.

Create a puree of strawberries or raspberries and add it on top of the frozen peanut butter mix. Freeze again for an hour and then add a final layer of peanut butter again. Let it all freeze overnight and when serving drizzle some honey on the base and coat with a few crushed almonds or sesame seeds.

Fresh fruit frenzy

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All you need is your favourite fruit and juice to make these delicious ice lolly. Combine chunks of fresh fruit like watermelon, kiwi, strawberry with berries and plop them into the ice lolly moulds. Fill up the leftover space with fresh fruit juice of your choice and freeze till solid.

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