Health and nutrition author Libby Matthews shares her wellness routine

Every morning I start the day with coffee (key when you have a toddler). Then I have breakfast and go for a big walk with my daughter. If she is at daycare I will work from home and in the afternoon my daughter, partner and I will either take her to the park or go for a walk before dinnertime.

What kind of work outs do you enjoy the most?

My favourite type of workout is circuit training where I really have to push myself. I feel energised, less stressed and stronger afterwards. Most days I do a big walk with my daughter so I look forward to doing a circuit workout where I can listen to my music loudly and break a sweat.

What motivates you to work out?

I exercise to improve my mental and physical health as well as my strength and mobility. After a hard workout I love the endorphin release and the boost of energy. After having my daughter I had post-partum depression and I found exercising daily helped me overcome it.

How do you try to stay positive and mentally healthy?

Spending quality time with my daughter and partner keeps me feeling happy and positive. I really enjoy cooking and baking and find this helps with stress relief. If I’m inside all day with my daughter, going outside for a walk definitely helps to improve my mood.

When going through rough times, how do you try to pick yourself up and stay strong?

Talking to loved ones always helps when I am going through hard times. Often people bottle up their feelings which only makes things worse. When you talk about your problems with someone it can make all the difference. Having a coffee or wine with a friend always helps! I also like to take time out for myself by either exercising, treating myself to a manicure or just watching a movie to relax. Signing out of social media for a period of time helps me when I’m feeling down so I have more free time, get more done at home and I find I’m less anxious.


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