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Health and nutrition author Libby Matthews shares her wellness routine

Talk us through your daily routine Every morning I start the day with coffee (key when you have a toddler). Then I have breakfast and go for a big walk with my daughter. If she is at daycare I will work from home and in the afternoon my daughter, partner and I will either take her to the park or go for a walk before dinnertime. What kind of work outs do you enjoy the most? My favourite type of workout is circuit training where I really have to push…

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Wellness Programs: Improve Workforce Health, Reduce Health Care Costs

Take a look at your workforce – what do you notice? Are your workers participating in activities outside of the office? Does your office have a running club or a softball team? More importantly, as your employees look to be healthy outside of work, is your office doing what it can to promote a healthy environment while at work? Though some businesses may be straying from wellness programs in order to control finances, the indirect costs of poor health (e.g., absence at work) can be two or three times the…

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Less sugar, more wellness

Falling prey to diabetes not only means being compelled to end your love affair with some of your favourite grubs; the effects are, in fact, graver! Being diabetic also means being vulnerable to a host of other ailments that could be fatal in the long run. Fret not, because the good news is, with lifestyle management being instrumental in keeping blood glucose levels in check, staying healthy could be your discretion now. Eat at Ease Right choice of food, food composition per serving and serving size are factors that constitute…

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