Struggling to blog? Here are 61 (+9) health and wellness topics (when you only have 60 minutes)

Struggling to blog? Here are 61 (+9) health and wellness topics (when you only have 60 minutes)

Let’s say you need a post in an hour. Your audience and subscribers rely on your regular display of expertise and valuable health content.

But time is up and you need something fast.

You’re drawing a blank on what health and wellness topics to tackle. Or maybe you’re overthinking them. Now you’re stuck.

What should you do?

Should you skip this week? Send it out late? Throw something together quickly? Buy a post you can instantly upload?

HINT: Don’t skip. Commit to a schedule and stick with it. Even if it’s not every week or not the same length & format every week.

Here are 61 (plus 9 more in the download) health and wellness topics you can turn into a blog post, video, podcast episode or social post in an hour. These are actual wellness blog ideas you can also use for your vlog, podcast, or socials—not lame-o headlines. Plus, I included my strategy on how to prevent this from becoming an every-week kind of stress. #PreventionIsTheBestMedicine

I need health and wellness topics now!

1 – First, take a deep breath. You don’t need to start a brand new post from scratch. Use content you already have and re-purpose it. Here are a bunch of my best strategies for doing this.

Lifestyle blog topics that are useful for your audience

1 – Create a quick blog post, video, or audio answering one question from your audience.

PRO TIPS ON VIDEOS: Unless you want to be a pro videographer in addition to a health expert, you don’t need pro equipment. You can shoot videos with your laptop camera or cell phone. For slideshows like in the courses I create, I use Zoom to record a screen share with a small thumbnail of my face in the corner. Once recorded, upload to YouTube or another platform and embed them into your blog. Also, make sure you download a copy to your personal drive in case YT or FB goes wonky!

2 – People love, love, love tips! Tips are valuable ways to help your audience implement your knowledge into their lives. Do you have a few tips that your clients, friends, and/or family love? Share them with your whole audience, too. Some health and wellness topics can be how to: swap a recipe ingredient, bust cravings, reduce sugar, relieve stress, or motivate yourself to exercise. How can your followers do something better or more efficiently? Bonus points if you share a short story or example of how the tips can benefit them.

3 – Do you use lists in your own life? Share one. List ideas for lifestyle blog topics include grocery essentials, what to pack when travelling, places you want to go this season, etc.

4 – Create a resources post by linking to your best posts like this one on health blogging. Feel free to add in some of your recommended affiliate products, too.

5 – What do you do when you’re bored? And why your audience should (or shouldn’t) try it too.

6 – Start a 7-, 14-, or 21-day miniseries where you share one tip, recipe, quote, thought, exercise, food/nutrient fact, etc. every day.

PRO TIP: You can “batch create” these by writing/recording several or all in one day and then schedule them to be released daily.

7 – Write up or record a quick “how-to” demo or tutorial. How to prepare food, stretch, or meditate your way. Here’s one on how to strategize content for your blog, email, and social media.

8 – Have a routine? What do you do every morning or evening or week? For example, share your exercise, sleep, or meal prep routines.

9 – Are you or your clients considering trying something new? What pros and cons should be considered before diving in?

10 – Any industry lingo that people are confused about? For example, probiotics vs prebiotics, kombucha vs kefir, weight-bearing vs non-weight bearing, etc. Explain it with a few examples for clarity.

Favourites, reviews, and recommendations

1 – Post your latest recipe, favourite food, or move/stretch, along with a video or some pictures.

2 – Review a product you’ve used (e.g., a supplement, app, workout gear, cosmetic, etc.). Review the book you’re reading, podcast you’re listening to, or a documentary you saw (here’s an example of my review of Vitamania). Bonus points if you want to add an affiliate or Amazon link to it in the post (just make sure it’s clear that you’re an affiliate, and you love and highly recommend the product, per FTC guidelines).

3 – Have a wishlist? Include some of your favourite lifestyle items that you can recommend as gift ideas. Bonus points if you want to add an affiliate or Amazon link to it in the post (see point above). Here’s an example of a holiday gift guide.

4 – Have a few things you can’t live without? What are they? How do they help you? Bonus points for affiliate or Amazon links here too (see point 2).

5 – You’re a health and wellness practitioner who has gone to school and/or taken some upgrade courses. Why not talk about some of the things you loved about it and learned from it? Have a referral link? Include that too. (see point 2)

6 – Have a few things you *need* to be premium quality and others where a discount version is OK? Talk about them and your recommendations.

7 – What’s your favourite show, song, movie, TED talk, etc.? Why should your audience check it out? What benefits can they get?

8 – What’s the best or worst piece of health, wellness, or lifestyle advice you’ve ever gotten? Why is it great/awful?

Struggling to find health topics to talk about? Instantly download all 61, plus 9 bonus topics here:

1 – No one asking you an obvious question on your fav health and wellness topic? Ask, then answer.

2 – What are you eating or drinking right now? Take a photo and talk about some of the health benefits, how to choose a good one, or how to prepare or store it properly.

3 – Share photos or do a quick video of your fridge, pantry, or grocery shopping cart. What about your bookshelf or beauty cabinet instead? Feature one item and show why you love it and the benefits of it. (I personally love seeing these posts).

Topics that are personal

1 – Who do you admire (historical, alive, or fictional)? Why? What qualities and accomplishments do they have that inspire you? Here’s my hero, Dr. Semmelweiss, and how he was an evidence-based badass thought leader in his time.

2 – Share an insight you’ve had recently from a book or conversation.

3 – Write or record a quick story about one thing that inspired you to become a health, wellness, or lifestyle expert.

4 – Is someone currently inspiring you? Share what you love about them and how they’re helping you. Even announce what your inspiration has led to (or is leading you to) do. Don’t forget to link to their site and tag them in your social media shares of your blog post (if applicable).

5 – 10 facts about you. Make sure at least one is quirky & shows off your personality (here are random facts about me).

6 – Share a recent story about your lifestyle. For example, what did you do over the weekend? Show how that aligns with your health practice and why you do or don’t recommend it for your audience.

7 – # things you’ve learned since #. People want a personal touch. What makes you a better health pro now? And how does that set you apart from your competitors?

8 – What are some of your guilty pleasures? (I love Skor blizzards) #Oops #DidISayThatOutLoud

9 – FRUSTRATION – What is driving you crazy now? Share it and why you think it’s totally wrong. I totally did that with the video in this post when I started getting a ton of people sending crappy BS cold emails asking for feedback and backlinks. (Please stop already!)

10 – Do you support a charity or other cause? Talk about it, why you support it and ask if your audience may want to help too. Here are some recommended charities.

Blog topics that are timely

1 – What’s your opinion on the latest health and wellness buzz? Do multivitamins have any benefits beyond “expensive pee”? Are we really 10x more microbe than human? Do high-protein diets leach calcium from your bones? I took on several popular nutrition claims in this post.

PRO TIP: If you want to do a bit of research before creating health content like this, here are a bunch of reliable resources you can use.

2 – Maybe there’s a massive health issue (hello: COVID-19) and you’re not an expert, but want to share some of the best resources that can help your readers. Here’s how I did this on the novel coronavirus.

3 – Is a holiday approaching? What should your audience do to make it their healthiest?

4 – Which health- and food-awareness dates resonate with you, your niche, and your target audience? Heart Month? Hot/Iced Tea Month? Eating Disorders Awareness Week? International Chocolate Day? What about World Bee Day or International Self-Care Day? You can grab the Health- and Food-Awareness Dates Calendar (with over 450 ideas!) and never be at a loss on what special dates are coming up soon.

5 – Have you recently been to an event (in person or online)? Are you planning on going to one? Share your learnings as I did about building a profitable one-person business.

6 – Is it that time of year to set or review goals? What goals have you accomplished and what’s next? How can you help your readers set and/or reach theirs? Here’s an example of how to create your content marketing goals.

7 – Have a prediction about the health and wellness industry? Declare it and why you think it’ll happen.

8 – Notice any trends lately? Loving them or hating them? Dish them out as I did here for 2020 health blog trends and why quality content is now so much more important than consistent OK-ish content.

Blog topics that profile your lifestyle business

1 – What’s your “why?” Why do you get up every morning to help people? What do you love about it? What change do you want to make in this world? For me, that’s spreading evidence-based health information to improve public health. I’m passionate about science and credibility because the effect of misinformation can be deadly.

2 – What special significance does your niche/specialty have in your heart? How is that linked with your mission statement?

3 – Make an announcement – Are you planning something special? If so, leave a hint for your audience and tell them to keep their eyes out for more. List at least one or two features (what’s in it) and benefits (how it helps). Don’t have a plan? Put one of your products on for a “flash sale” and announce it with your next blog post or podcast episode.

4 – Giving a talk or presentation? Creating a course? Reuse that content to publish related content with some (but not all) of the important points. Here’s a post where I talked about how important it is to do your research before making health recommendations to clients. This led nicely into a previous course I had on how to do health research online (it’s no longer available).

5 – Call in your ideal clients. Be controversial and bold enough to resonate strongly with only your ideal clients (and allow your post to turn away everyone else). Describe what you love about them and why they are amazing for you to work with. Be OK to lose some subscribers and followers. Here are examples of posts that attract ideal clients.

6 – Do you have a free resource on your website? Write or record a post about it, what it includes (features), and how it helps (benefits). Then be sure to put the link so they can grab a copy for themselves. (HINT: That’s what this whole post is!)

7 – Be honest! Your products and services aren’t for everyone! Share the truth about them so they can decide for themselves. Here’s the truth about the done-for-you health content in my Credible Health Blog Shop.

8 – Share why you love doing what you do. Everyone wants to know how much you love helping them. For example, here’s why I blog.

9 – Won an award? Talk about how important it was to you and give a shout out to the sponsor.

10 – Do a “behind the scenes” post. Invite readers behind the scenes of your business by shooting some photos or a video of your office, kitchen, or favourite outdoor workout place (and show off those yoga pants and messy bun if you have them). Maybe your readers are interested in behind the scenes of your industry? Here’s an example of some of the nerdy “behind the scenes” of nutrition science.

Struggling to find health topics to talk about? Instantly download all 61, plus 9 bonus topics here:

Crowdsourcing your lifestyle blog topics

1 – Ask a question and have your audience guess the answer. Then, next week, reveal the answer and give a prize to the winner(s) (or everyone who guessed).

2 – Write a quick post to introduce a survey (maybe like this one, but geared to your ideal clients). Ask your audience their biggest challenge when it comes to their health, wellness, or lifestyle. Ask them to email you with the answer and promise to read them all. You can (should) respond to as many as you can, too!

3 – On the flip side, crowdsource advice. What can your audience give you ideas for or vote on?

4 – Already crowdsourced? Share your results in this week’s post.

Blog topics that share link love

1 – Have you guest posted or been interviewed lately? Share some thoughts about that experience and link to it so your readers can check it out like what’s in my “Leesa Klich in the press” page here.

2 – Share links to the best articles you’ve come across this week. Give each one a quick intro and why you loved it so your audience knows what to expect. Then tag the person so they feel your love. Here are some curated content examples.

3 – Who are your go-to health, wellness, and lifestyle resources? List your favourites (like I  listed my go-to health research sites here). Bonus points for including a short intro for each one.

4 – Create a “Top 10 list of your favourite recipes, restaurants, products, movies, books, apps, bloggers, social media accounts, YouTube channels, etc. Share link love.

5 – What are the best health and wellness spots in your city? Or a place you’ve travelled to? Make sure to include backlinks in the post for the people you’ve highlighted. Also, tag them in your social media shares of your post.

“Pre-written” health and wellness articles

1 – Want a freebie you can quickly re-purpose into a piece of content?

Download this free supplement resource “Before you buy another supplement – read this!” It contains 8 expert supplement tips, with a focus on Canadian law. You can edit it and use it as you like.

“Before you buy another supplement read this!”

Free supplement resource from you to your clients (8 expert tips). Edit and brand it as you like.

2 – Want to publish expert health content in just a few minutes? Grab pre-written health and wellness articles that you can customize and call your own. See these pre-written done-for-you health articles from the Credible Health Blog Shop. And here’s how to customize them fast (so they sound like you).

Yikes! Too many health and wellness topics to choose from? Check out some expert advice on choosing a topic for your next post!

Want to stand out as an authority in the crowded, often unqualified, massive market of wellness entrepreneurs?

Use professional-quality engaging articles and emails that reflect your excellence and attract more ideal clients and patients.

How to create content in 60 minutes

Start by choosing one of the health and wellness topics listed above and get your timer. The easiest topic will be one that you already have a reference/source for and know off the top of your head (making health recommendations will require a bit of research).

PRO TIP: Longer-form posts published on your blog will get you more shares & “SEO juice” in the long run, but it’s OK to have some short posts on your site, or some in different formats like video or audio.

Minutes 10 – 40: Create. Go with the flow. Don’t stress over getting a minimum length. Right now focus on getting a draft post ready. Quality isn’t going to be 100 percent every time (unless you make it a huge priority or delegate it to someone else). Put something decent out there now, and use the steps below to make sure you don’t get into this situation often (or ever again).

Minutes 40 – 50: Edit.

Minutes 50 – 60: Final edit & publish.

Don’t want to be in a pinch for lifestyle blog content anymore?

  • Of course, I have the same lame recommendation to plan ahead. You know, have a content strategy editorial calendar. This way you decide once per month or quarter what topics you’re going to blog/vlog/podcast about. And they’re going to be strategically planned to support and build your business. So, download my free content calendar now, put aside a couple of hours, and plan the next 2-3 months. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to feel this way again for a few months?
  • Want help creating your content strategy editorial calendar? You can get my help with your content strategy and editorial calendar here.
  • Keep an idea bank. Every time you have an idea, jot it down. I personally use Google Docs on my phone which syncs with my computer. I can record ideas for my handy-dandy content calendar wherever I am.
  • Keep an image bank. Here are some of my personal favourites – but before you download, make sure they’re copyright-free for commercial use (things may change after I publish this post).
  • Download the handy checklist of health and wellness topics from this post (note that the download also includes 9 bonus ideas not listed in this post). Note your favourite ones, and keep it on hand for the next time you’re in a pinch for content.

Struggling to find health topics to talk about? Instantly download all 61, plus 9 bonus topics here:

Don’t want to write posts yourself?

  • Record your thoughts on an audio file and have someone transcribe and edit them into blog posts or other pieces of content for you.
  • Send out a list of 5 questions to people you know and respect. Publish the questions and their answers as an interview post and tag them as I did here back in May 2020 asking people how the pandemic was affecting their businesses.
  • Accept guest posts (the right way). Make sure your guests know in advance who your target audience is and what benefits they can get from writing for your blog (do you both reach health seekers, health professionals, busy moms, entrepreneurs, etc.). Allow them a byline and at least one link to their site and social media profiles. Then make sure you promote, promote, promote it. I gave a few more detailed guidelines on the right way to ask guests to post here.
  • Buy pre-written done-for-you health articles. You can see the articles in the Credible Health Blog Shop here.
  • Outsource to a writer. Here’s what’s involved and how to hire and work with a writer here.

*Need quality health content and have no time (or desire) to do the research and writing yourself? Check out the limited edition, premium Health articles and Health scoop (new study update) emails in the Credible Health Blog Shop.

Love creating lifestyle and wellness content and can’t stop?

If you’re inspired to keep creating, don’t stop at one. If things are flowing, don’t break the flow once you’ve met your quota. Keep going and finish another one or two posts (this is “batch creation”). Here’s the secret: Don’t publish more than usual. Save any extra drafts you create for those weeks when you’re too busy, taking a break, or just not inspired.


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