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Kathy Griffin’s Social Media Accounts May Have Been Hacked

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The outspoken comedian appeared to be the victim of a social media hack on Saturday. A little before 2 p.m. Eastern Time, Griffin’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all suddenly showed strange messages announcing that “Kathy Griffin has been hacked” and urging readers to “tune in here 10 AM PST Sunday where she will be exposed.”

Griffin’s profile pictures also disappeared.Is this an actual hack? HuffPost has reached out to Griffin’s representatives for comment, though some on Twitter are already skeptical.

Earlier this year, the comedian faced a lot of backlash for posing with a fake, bloody Donald Trump head. The incident lost her multiple jobs and even led to her being questioned by the Secret Service.

There’s no word if this apparent hacking is connected to that stunt or not.

Griffin has apologized profusely for the fake Trump head and has been receiving more positive press lately after shaving her head in support of her sister who is reportedly fighting cancer.

So is Saturday’s teaser all just for publicity? Or is it something more? We’ll find out for sure on Sunday.


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