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Kathy Griffin’s Social Media Accounts May Have Been Hacked

The outspoken comedian appeared to be the victim of a social media hack on Saturday. A little before 2 p.m. Eastern Time, Griffin’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all suddenly showed strange messages announcing that “Kathy Griffin has been hacked” and urging readers to “tune in here 10 AM PST Sunday where she will be exposed.” Griffin’s profile pictures also disappeared.Is this an actual hack? HuffPost has reached out to Griffin’s representatives for comment, though some on Twitter are already skeptical. Earlier this year, the comedian faced a lot of backlash for posing with a…

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Apple Remains in Dark on How FBI Hacked iPhone Without Help

The FBI’s announcement that it mysteriously hacked into an iPhone is a public setback for Apple Inc., as consumers suddenly discover they can’t keep their most personal information safe. Meanwhile, Apple remains in the dark about how to restore the security of its flagship product. The government said it was able to break into an iPhone used by a gunman in a mass shooting in California, but it didn’t say how. That puzzled Apple software engineers – and outside experts – about how the FBI broke the digital locks on…

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