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Roger, the world-famous ripped kangaroo dies at 12. Social media is heartbroken

Roger The Buff Kangaroo dies at 12 in Australia.

Roger, the buffed up kangaroo who lived at a sanctuary in Australia died recently at the age of 12. He passed away because of old age. Roger received worldwide recognition for his impressive physique.

Roger was rescued by a man named Chris Barns as an orphan joey while he was still trapped inside his dead mother’s pouch. When Chris found him, he decided to open a kangaroo sanctuary.

The kangaroo grew up to be the alpha male at the sanctuary and was an amazing one at that. He stood tall at 6 feet and 7 inches and weighed nearly 200 pounds that is nearly 91 kilograms, according to the sanctuary officials.

Photos of him would usually do the rounds on the internet and go viral. He inspired awe among people and his death has left everyone heartbroken.



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