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Govt approves phasing out of 25-year-old Foreign Investment Promotion Board

FDI applications needing govt approval to be handled by the concerned Ministries/Depts The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved phasing out of the 25-year-old Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). The FIPB is the inter-ministerial body — or a single window clearance mechanism for applications on foreign direct investment (FDI) in India in sectors under the government approval route. The move to phase out the FIPB is aimed at making India a more attractive FDI destination and increasing FDI inflows by providing greater ease of doing business and promoting the ‘Maximum Governance and Minimum…

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meals And Drug management(FDA) Approves device That Drains food out of your belly

The most sudden issue about the meals and Drug management’s approval of the weight problems-control device called AspireAssist may be how little mainstream interest it attracted. due to the fact, frankly, a 391f28ade68635a26d417ea25e9ae9c1 gadget that helps you to devour all you want and then drains the food out of your belly is a pretty startling invention.AspireAssist works like this: In a fifteen-minute outpatient method, a general practitioner implants a tube into a patient’s belly. The tube is attached to a valve that lies flush towards the skin of the abdomen….

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