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Brain tumours can be cured, defeatist attitude towards it must go, say doctors

Doctors from across the world assembled for an international conference at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here said there is a widespread defeatist perception about brain tumour even among doctors, which is not right. “Even in a Bollywood movie, if someone has to die, the character is told to be suffering from brain tumour and there is an immediate acceptance by all about his death,” said Rakesh Jalali, Director of South East Asia’s First Proton Therapy Centre (SEFPTC), Apollo Hospital, Chennai. Jalali is one of the 400-odd…

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Politics and medicine: Vaccine attitude rises and falls with ideology

Political views and a person’s trust in the government play a role in whether or not they get vaccinated, a study has found. A person’s ideology directly impacts who they trust, allowing the person to selectively credit information related to vaccine risks and benefits in ways that reflect their ideology, said researchers at the University of Idaho in the US. An individual with strong conservative political views is less likely to vaccinate than a person with strong liberal political views, according to the study, as is someone who holds lower…

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