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Struggling with Monday blues? These apps will drive them away

As the curtains draw on the weekend, working professionals gear up for the new week. The most common feeling, however, is to extend the weekend. While the advent of technology demands working individuals to engage in professional duties constantly, it has proved to be a boon as well, as some apps can help you achieve work-life balance with a generous dose of humour. Laughter, after all, has been proven to offer a full-scale workout for muscles, decrease stress hormones and unleash a rush of endorphins which are the body’s natural feel-good…

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Use Nutrition to Ward off Winter Blues

Physical disorders can negatively affect a person’s mental condition, so experts recommend ingesting sufficient nutrients to stimulate the brain and other parts of the body to maintain mental health. Vitamins tend to be a doctor’s first recourse as nutrients that are good for improving mental condition. A number of studies have established that vitamin D and folic acid help deal with depression. Vitamin D is produced when provitamin D, a substance contained in the skin, is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In winter, when exposure to sunlight is shorter,…

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Ever tried yoga to beat Monday blues? Here’s how

This will charge you and make you strong to the face the long week ahead. (Felixhug/Getty Images) Monday mornings are not the usual. Most of us lack passion and motivation. We get unexplained bouts of emotions such as anxiety, stress and sadness. It is interesting to see that Monday blues are so common that it’s almost become a phenomenon now. Unless it has some serious ground that is crying for your attention, you can ward off Monday blues with these four yoga asanas. Yes, it’s that easy. This will charge…

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