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Kick the butt: Smoking changes lung cells, readies them for cancer

Chronic exposure to cigarette smoke can change lung cells over time, making them more vulnerable to disease and priming them to develop cancer, say US researchers. The report in the journal Cancer Cell is based on lab experiments on lung cells that were exposed to chronic cigarette smoke – the equivalent of a person smoking for 20 to 30 years. After about 10 days, the cells began to change their gene expression, a process known as epigenetic change. It took 10 months before these changes built up enough to boost…

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Kicking the butt: Running group can help you to quit smoking

Having difficulty in quitting smoking? Try running as it can help you refrain. As per a recent UCB report, almost half of the people who completed a 10-week program involving running were able to successfully quit smoking. Carly Priebe, postdoctoral fellow in UBC’s school of Kinesiology said, “This shows that physical activity can be a successful smoking-cessation aid and that a community-based program might offer that. Because doing it on your own is very difficult.” In Canada, 178 smokers registered for the 2016 ‘Run to Quit’ program at Running Room…

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