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Samsung Is Using This Silicon Valley Startup’s Tech in Its Self-Driving Cars

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, has turned to a comparatively tiny Silicon Valley startup to help it test, develop, and one day even deploy commercial fleets of self-driving taxis. The collaboration is a boon for Renovo Auto, a startup that has developed an operating system of sorts that integrates and manages all the software needed for a commercial fleet of shared autonomous vehicles. Renovo Auto’s operating system works similar to Google’s Android or, even AmazonWeb Services’ on-demand cloud computing platform. The company isn’t developing the AI algorithms that help the…

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Lyft Partners nuTonomy to Test Self-Driving Cars in Boston

Uber rival Lyft said Tuesday it would begin testing autonomous ridesharing in Boston under a partnership with the technology startup nuTonomy. Under the partnership, nuTonomy and Lyft will collaborate to gain insights into “all aspects of ensuring a passenger’s comfort and safety” in self-driving vehicles, a joint statement said. Lyft’s move follows a similar effort by Uber, which has been using autonomous vehicles in a test program in some US cities. “At Lyft, we imagine a world where car ownership is optional and cities are designed for people instead of…

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The Most Iconic BMW Cars Ever Made

German automotive behemoth BMW celebrated its centenary on Monday and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to dig into its history to trace some of the most iconic Bimmers to have been produced. The company has had an illustrious past which resulted in the creation of some exquisite machines in terms of both design and engineering. Here’s a glimpse at the top BMW cars to have ever made it to market. 1956 BMW Isetta 300 Post World War 2, Europe witnessed a sudden demand for affordable microcars that were…

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