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Samsung Is Using This Silicon Valley Startup’s Tech in Its Self-Driving Cars

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, has turned to a comparatively tiny Silicon Valley startup to help it test, develop, and one day even deploy commercial fleets of self-driving taxis. The collaboration is a boon for Renovo Auto, a startup that has developed an operating system of sorts that integrates and manages all the software needed for a commercial fleet of shared autonomous vehicles. Renovo Auto’s operating system works similar to Google’s Android or, even AmazonWeb Services’ on-demand cloud computing platform. The company isn’t developing the AI algorithms that help the…

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Lyft Partners nuTonomy to Test Self-Driving Cars in Boston

Uber rival Lyft said Tuesday it would begin testing autonomous ridesharing in Boston under a partnership with the technology startup nuTonomy. Under the partnership, nuTonomy and Lyft will collaborate to gain insights into “all aspects of ensuring a passenger’s comfort and safety” in self-driving vehicles, a joint statement said. Lyft’s move follows a similar effort by Uber, which has been using autonomous vehicles in a test program in some US cities. “At Lyft, we imagine a world where car ownership is optional and cities are designed for people instead of…

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