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Missed opportunities: 9 poor business decisions that would have changed history

Excite could have purchased Google for $7,50,000 | Back in 1999, founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, decided to offer their then-nascent company to Excite, one of the most widely recognised online portals of the 90s, for $1 million. CEO George Bell wasn’t too excited about the deal, even after the duo brought down their asking price to $7,50,000. Today, with a market cap of $367.6 billion, Google has become one of the biggest tech companies and is synonymous with “search”, while Excite slowly dwindled in its shadow….

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Anthony Bourdain changed the food, travel and media worlds

My wife and I went to Thailand last year on our honeymoon. Had we never known of Anthony Bourdain, we might have just headed for Hawaii (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But Bourdain changed me. And not just me. Bourdain changed the restaurant world. He changed the travel world. And he changed the media world. In no small way, he helped change the world at large. He made it feel simultaneously much smaller and much bigger. He died from an apparent suicide last week, and the world will…

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