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The cheapest days to book your Christmas and Thanksgiving airfare

Believe it or not, it’s already time to book your holiday travel. The truth is, flights around the winter holidays can cost 75% more than non-holiday flights, so finding a cheap ticket will be hard. That said, Hopper, a flight prediction site, has released their annual Holiday Travel Index, which shares money-saving strategies for when to book flights. Here’s what you need to know to get the best deal on your holiday travel. Book your Christmas flight first This might sound counterintuitive, but according to Hopper, the best time to book…

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How to stay healthy over Christmas

Wondering how you’re going to survive the holiday party season? Good Food nutritionist, Kerry Torrens shares her secrets for staying healthy over Christmas, avoiding overindulgence and beating the morning-after blues. “My diet is pretty good most of the time, as you’d expect” says Kerry, “but the party season is tricky. Here are my strategies for coping with the overindulgence and late nights that are an inevitable but enjoyable part of the festive season.” Everything starts with breakfast If I’m going out in the evening, I’ll start the day with a…

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