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Gastropubs and the Rise of Casual Dining in India: History and its Trend

India’s experimental artistry can be witnessed yet again, in the form of a fusion of fine dining with the casual aura of a pub or an innovative encapsulation that has become a favourite among its diners. With burgeoning consumer demands, hunger for exclusivity and desire for comfort food, gastro pubs have become the places to head to when eating out. It’s like a double-edged sword, offering not only deliciously scrumptious food but also an ambience that is capable of bestowing upon you an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s the “selfie corner” or the dance performance…

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‘Pop-Up’ Pastas to Make Your Dining Experience More Fun

Have you ever wondered what our food would look like in the future? Well, you wouldnt have to wait for too long to find the answer. MIT scientists have developed pop-up foods-flat sheets of edible pastas that sprout into 3D structures when submerged in water, an extremely innovative and advance mechanism that will make your dining experience all the more fun and interactive. The edible origami consists of starch and flat sheets of gelatine that, when submerged in water, instantly sprout into 3D structures, including common pasta shapes like penne,…

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