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This jeera-ginger drink promises to cut tummy flab in 10 days!

7 Tummy flab is the biggest hurdle when it comes to weight loss. Not only does it look awkward in a saree or high waist pants, but also becomes the talk of the town because of its sheer prominence. Worry no more, here we bring to you the magical combination of the most common ingredients found in your kitchen- ginger and cumin! ADVANTAGES OF GINGER: The most ancient ingredient found in the Indian kitchen, ginger is a rhizome known for its medicinal use and the flavour it brings in our…

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Beat the flab with these healthy alternatives

Beat the flab with these healthy alternatives Now that the Kerala government has imposed a 14.5% fat tax on unhealthy food items sold in food chains to raise awareness as well as money for preventive healthcare; here are a few healthier substitutes for all the foodies to keep your weight in control, while giving you all the pleasures of a sumptuous and delicious meal. So, why wait until the fat tax on junk food becomes an official mandate in Telangana and burn a hole in your pocket? Fatty is not…

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