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How To Get Rid of a Hangover After New Year Party

It’s a familiar feeling… waves of nausea, a heavy head, sickness, raging thirst, over sensitivity to light and noise? Yes, it’s the dreaded hangover! You may or may not remember what you did last night, but you will remember how horrid you felt the next morning. That’s the thing about hangovers, they’re equally painful each time and only get worse with age. Drinking a glass of wine, a pint of beer and then ending the night with a few shots of tequila might’ve sounded like a good idea at the…

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Emotional ‘hangover’ may affect future experiences

Experiencing emotional events — whether happy or painful — may cause ‘hangovers’ that can persist for a long period of time, researchers have found. These ‘hangovers’ could continue after the events have ended and even affect future experiences, the study found. “Emotion is a state of mind. These findings make clear that our cognition is highly influenced by preceding experiences and, specifically, that emotional brain states can persist for long periods of time,” said Lila Davachi, Associate Professor at New York University (NYU). The study also shows that emotional hangover,…

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