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Interview: Experiential travelling is the next big trend in India

The Indian tourism industry is evolving but fails to score well on customer satisfaction. The industry needs certain regulations and interventions in aspects like safety for women travellers, keeping the tourist sites clean and creating a great experience only then people will look upon India as a promising tourist destination, said Saurabh Sharma, the founder and director of Travel Unravel Holidays Private Limited, in an email interview with Yahoo India. Travel Unravel is a UK-based organisation, working to create a better travel experience for every traveler. Here are some edited excerpts…

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Placebo Interview with Brian Molko: ‘We embraced the rock n’ roll lifestyle with enormous enthusiasm’

“I’d rather we were considered a marmite band than for us to be seen as inoffensive and easily forgettable, so I don’t have a problem with generating love or disgust for our band; that’s not an issue for me at all!” It’s fair to say that Brian Molko, lead singer and songwriter for Placebo, the band he’s fronted now for 23 years, is well aware of their reputation for garnering praise and scorn in almost equal measure. As is made obvious from the quote above, he is perfectly at ease…

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