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Audi technology helps green light surfers.

Clever drivers can watch the pedestrian walk signals to guess when an intersection traffic light will change from red to green, but Audi drivers can use a new communications technology in large urban areas to know how fast to drive to catch green lights without needing to stop. The technology, known as Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory, uses vehicle-to-infrastructure communication to recommend the ideal speed for drivers to “surf a green wave” and reduce the number of times they must stop for lights. Audi launched the technology in 2016 in…

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LED bulbs can give you cancer, stay away from the blue light

Reigniting the debate over exposure to the “blue light” emitted by outdoor LED screens and heightened risk of cancer, an international team of researchers have concluded that there is a “strong link” between the two. To reach this conclusion, the researchers from University of Exeter in Britain and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) determined indoor exposure to artificial light through personal questionnaires. The outdoor levels of artificial light, such as emitted by street lights, were evaluated for Madrid and Barcelona, based on nocturnal images taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station…

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Flashes of Light Can Be a Sign of a Dangerous Eye Condition

Have you ever had black specks floating around in your vision? Patrick Muffler noticed some one day. “I saw funny V-shaped floaters in my eye,” he says. When he woke up the next day, a Friday, they were still there. “I started getting more – black dots, maybe 40 of them.” Over the weekend, Muffler, a retired geologist in Palo Alto, Calif., developed a cloudy area in his visual field. He went to his ophthalmologist Monday morning and learned that his retina was torn and detached. “If I hadn’t gone…

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