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I quit Instagram and Facebook and it made me a lot happier — and that’s a big problem for social media companies

Why quitting Instagram and Facebook made me happier   3:16 PM ET Wed, 5 Dec 2018 | 03:16 The first time I truly took a break from social media was in 2015, at a summer camp for burned-out adults called “Camp Grounded.” There were three rules: Take a camp name of your choosing, like Luna or Huckleberry, avoid talking about “W,” meaning work, and ditch all electronics at the door. At an arrival ceremony deep in the California Redwoods, volunteers in hazmat suits zipped up our devices into brown bags, leaving…

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Doctors deal with loss of hearing complaints from younger lot too

Doctors deal with loss of hearing complaints from younger lot too (Guido Mieth/Getty Images) Raghvendra, a photographer in his late thirties, had no idea why he could not hear after he finished shooting a religious procession, one day. The mild hearing loss soon aggravated and he stopped hearing any sound at a normal volume. Upon examination, doctors found he had 50 to 70 per cent hearing loss in both the ears. Chetana had no idea why her ears would suddenly start ringing. The ringing sound would at times become irritable…

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How an awful lot Sleep do children really need? New suggestions From specialists

anybody who has ever watched kids get on a school bus earlier than the sun is up in the morning or teens walk into their first class clutching a jug of espresso knows that too many young human beings are not getting sufficient sleep. In fact, specialists say that addec426932e71323700afa199-11f8f1c than a third of the U.S. populace doesn’t. Now, the american Academy of Sleep medication has just released, for the primary time, its tips for the way an awful lot sleep kids and young adults need to get to keep…

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