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UK spies using social media data for mass surveillance

Privacy rights group Privacy International says it has obtained evidence for the first time that UK spy agencies are collecting social media information on potentially millions of people. It has also obtained letters it says show the intelligence agencies’ oversight body had not been informed that UK intelligence agencies had shared bulk databases of personal data with foreign governments, law enforcement and industry — raising concerns about effective oversight of the mass surveillance programs. The documents have come out as a result of an ongoing legal challenge Privacy International has brought against UK intelligence…

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Shed a few Mass: 7 sporting activities that will help you lessen Your Thighs

Are you starting to build up fat to your thighs and your first priority has grow to be to dispose of it? Did you understand that men and women have unique regions within the body where fat get deposited? In a piece of writing by way of Harvard health publications, it’s far asseverated that while oestrogen pursuits at depositing fats across the thighs, hips and pelvis; testosterone settles fat in the stomach. “this is the leader motive why it’s far difficult for girls to in particular shift their fat from…

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