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Small business owners reveal secrets of survival

Oysters Restaurant owner and operator William Bunch has supplied customers with home-style cooking for 20 years at his Crystal River restaurant.   Mom and pop stores have been in the spotlight the past couple weeks following a comment from Inverness City Manager Frank DiGiovanni that those are the kinds of establishments he wants to see in his city. But how do the owners of these small business establishments compete against their larger chain counterparts? Many already start off behind the eight ball when it comes to competing against the big…

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Blockchain Investment Services: What Small Business Owners Should Know

All economies are built on the basic premise of bartering. Before the creation of currencies, humans exchanged goods by trading one good (or a basket of goods) for another. If someone wanted some of his neighbor’s catch from the day, perhaps he would trade three shucks of corn from his field for one fish–thus initiating a trade. As society advanced, humans began to use precious metals to assign value to objects. No longer did people trade three shucks of corn for a fish–no, now they had to give the fisherman…

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