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How to make vegetable noodles that’ll put your pasta to shame

YOU’VE BEEN TRAINED to associate pasta as an ab-damning carb that has no place in your diet—well, except for maybe a cheat meal. But there’s a simple solution to that: pasta from the garden. You can make super-healthy (still delicious!) spiralized veggie noddles to sub in for your mammoth-sized plate of spaghetti—and not give a damn about how many calories or carbs you’re consuming. Use the 5 tips below to perfect your veggie noodles, then check out the top 6 über-healthy vegetables you can turn into abs-friendly pasta. ake spiralized vegetable…

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Eating Pasta is Good for Health, Experts Suggest

Are you one of those who simply can’t resist Italian food? If you are a pasta lover, here is another reason to indulge in a plateful. A recent research suggests that those who eat pasta regularly may have better diet quality. The research also indicated that pasta eating can lead to greater nutrient intake and can help manage blood sugar levels. “The study shows that pasta eaters have better diet quality than those who don’t eat pasta,” Diane Welland, dietitian and Nutrition Communications Manager for the National Pasta Association, US…

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Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and different starchy ingredients

Starchy ingredients are an crucial source of calories in our weight-reduction plan. Even though it’s regularly cautioned that starchy foods are fattening, each gram of carbohydrate offers much less than half as many calories as a gram of fat. About one 0.33 of our total every day meals intake need to be from these foods. Try and encompass them at each meal by basing your meals on starchy foods inclusive of potatoes, breads, pasta, rice, noodles or cereals (more examples beneath). Select excessive fibre or wholegrain varieties as an awful…

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