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Water storage doesn’t always require permanent tanks

When undertaking to save water from rain from the heavens and the roof runoffs of your house, one does not always want to erect permanent structures and put in place full-time tanks to capture the water, which would have otherwise been wasted. Budget and space constraints can often see people doing nothing at all, but there are other options to help find a balance between low cost, economy of area and the need to do what we can to not waste the previous resource of water. While there are several…

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How our memories become permanent

Scientists have for the first time identified a mechanism that regulates rhythmic brain waves that play a key role in making our memories permanent. Memories undergo a consolidation process which stabilises and makes them become stronger — a process where brain waves play an important role, the study said. The study revealed that one of the brain waves — sharp wave ripples (SWRs) — needed for consolidating memories is dominated by synaptic inhibition. It helps the brain set what an individual has learned or experienced as a quick instant replay….

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Obesity, Weight Loss in Adolescence May Cause Permanent Bone Loss

Teenagers who are obese as well as those who lose excessive weight may both be at risk of irreparable damage to their bones, a new study has found. Obesity has been previously associated with the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, but the study found that it can also affect the bone structure in childhood and adolescence. “While obesity was previously believed to be protective of bone health, recent studies have shown a higher incidence of forearm fractures in obese youth,” said lead author Miriam A. Bredella, Associate Professor at…

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